1. All around us, there is a tornado of economic crises threatening to whirl us off our feet. No one seems to know what is wrong. The government keeps promising, CEO’s keep sacking, unemployed graduates keep increasing and prices of items on shelves keep rising.

The question has always been; how do we survive? In the mist of this economic turmoil, especially as youth; individuals who depend solely on parents or caregivers, how do we survive? And the answer, I am happy to say, is not far from our able reach.

The world has always been a perfect goldmine filled with all the gold to fill our wallets with enough money to stay afloat on this ocean of uncertainties. And some of these hidden treasures that actually pay don’t require us to break a leg or condense beads of sweat on our temples. No! They are just like relaxing in the sitting room and WhatsApping a friend.

The purpose of this article is in two faces. Firstly, to tell you about some of these cool jobs around and then share some real-time stories of a few friends who are making it big as students and youths like you.


  1. Blogging/vlogging

This is one area I can testify to the fact that it actually pays not only in cash but the experience and joy felt is very fulfilling. One of my greatest achievements in life has actually been the silent nights I sat pondering over which word comes first. How to create a master piece that even surprises me as much as the prying eyes readers and critics alike. I know people (NyoNyoLey) who are also into vlogging who are really making it big.

You can blog/vlog about anything from your interests; from your passion to what you hate, literally anything and you’ll be surprised as to the number of people who will be willing to pay to have their voices heard on your platform or even advertise their goods.


  1. Patronizing a handicraft

In this current era people are beginning to appreciate arts and handmade articles, and I recommend this area for you. Start learning one if you don’t already have the skill because it pays a lot and you’ll be surprised the kind of people who will be calling in for your goods with a little branding.


  1. Tutoring

I still remember the very first day when I received my first MoMo (Mobile Money Payment) alert after a month on my first job before I entered college. It was the happiest moment in my life. The trill, the excitement and the pride that bubbled in my chest was unparalleled in all the two or so decades I have walked on this earth. Long story short, I never thought teaching kids in the evening could pay so much. That was even about five years ago. Think about now. Imagine the income might be chalking home.


  1. Network marketing/Sales Reps

Inasmuch as I hate to admit this, these guys are the ones making lots of money in our contemporary at the moment, especially in Ghana. From the Max international guys to Superlife and even the new one that recently came, Viva Da Vina. These guys get lots of money from just marketing goods and introducing people. Like it’s pretty easy right? Yes, it is. All these avenues abound to make some hefty amount. My only plea is please don’t make too much noise (laughs).


  1. Waiter/waitress

I am sure my dear ladies are giving me the eyebrows right now. But the research we did before writing this content showed some crazy money that people are making just to pick orders from customers. This is even excluding the usual tips they get from time to time. I think Ghanaians need to swallow their pride that causes their bellies to grumble at right and jump into this ring and rumble.


  1. Selling clothing or anything sellable.

This is also another booming area to make some real cash. In this era where everyone seems very busy to get off their butts, have you thought of carrying your goods to their doorsteps? Have you knocked on hostel doors and told them ‘I have sachets of water for supplies; there is no need to walk, I will carry them in for you’. That could generate real cash bro! I think money abounds.


  1. Photography/Video editing

In the land of slay queens, “the photoo” is the king. Every lady wants a pre-birthday photo-shoot and others just want to take pics for fun. Have you thought of utilizing your gifts in photography to make some real dough?


  1. Graphic Designing

Designing of posters and other wonderful stuffs are on the ascendency as every company or brand wishes to beat the other in this rat race of life. If you have a skill in this, don’t even go far. Look for the churches in your area. I am sure they will be very willing to engage your services.


  1. Running MoMo joints

Mobile money, the only lyrics and vibes our fine girls hear now, can be capitalised to make some real cash even when you’re studying. In addition to this. You can also add selling of airtimes and credit transfers to it which can help you generate more income. I think many students could go into this because after all, all you need is a phone and some small cash.


  1. Printing services

On campuses around Ghana, one of the commodities that we spend most of our monies on are not airtimes but handouts. Have you thought of what a small printer in your hostel can do to make you get money?



I am sure most of you are thinking all that I’ve talked about are in the text books and has no bearing in reality. Today I share the stories of two students reading pharmacy in KNUST and how they’re making it big.



Pharmacy is regarded as one of the challenging programs to read but Nana has strived to make it big in her handmade jewellery business. When I asked her what motivated her, this was what she had to say;

“Handmade items have always made a special appeal to me. The fact that they offer uniqueness, and are tailored to the personality and vibe of the wearer makes me happy. And then there is also another aspect too that inspires me; being a creative person.  Having the opportunity to unleash this creativity and to create unique and custom-made pieces that people could wear and relate also motivated me to start my handmade beaded and African print accessory brand; Agudie by Nana.  Also, I believe that entrepreneurship is the core of the development of every nation.  No matter what we do or say, the world wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today without the skill of entrepreneurship and I want to be a part of the history.”



Also, a pharmacy student, Asirifi has carved out a niche for himself by importing gents wear into the country and selling them on campuses. When asked about his company, this was what he had to say;

“This is the 21st century, an evolution in fashion trends with a touch of class. Looking good actually isn’t self-importance but rather, self-respect. Men’s fashion has taken on a new level and class, and this is the inspiration that brought about “Bay Classics”. Our organisation never compromises on quality but seeks to give elegant personal outlook at cost effective prices. We believe we’re introducing a culture into the way of dressing in this part of the world.”

So, folks there you have it. A new wind is blowing and if I were you, I would get my tools and start digging. Catch you same time same place and get Started.