One key thing that every business man or woman, or any individual providing a particular service or having a product for sale is concerned with, is, the ability to market it to their rightful audience broadly termed as advertisement. The term advertisement dates as far back as one can remember, only that it has taken several forms over various periods of time.

Also, majority of the avenues for advertising cost a huge fortune to be successful in reaching as many people as possible. Some of these means include Television and Radio advertising, newspaper and billboards advertising and many others. Since it is not everyone who can afford these expensive means of advertising, it is expedient that everyone gets to know about possible ways to effectively advertise without paying a dime.

Fortunately for us, this computer era has made a lot of things easy and almost everyone (schooled or unschooled) can make use of some of the available means to advertise their products or services for free. In this post, I elucidate FOUR main ways by which you can promote your business, products, services or events.


So many social media platforms are available now for various purposes. Some of these platforms have specialized functionalities or permit only certain activities. Hence knowledge of them and what they are used for is important. Since not all social media platforms are good for business, we will only look out for the very ones which are suitable for business advertisement. Also, some platforms are restricted to certain continents, countries, states or regions. In the Ghanaian setting, only few of the popular social media platforms are available and effective for advertising one’s products, services or events. These include FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and WHATSAPP. Check out our article (Top Five (5) Social Media Platforms for Business in Ghana).

You can easily create an account on these platforms and start advertising for free (we will cover how to use each platform to advertise effectively in future posts).



Classified ads websites are websites specifically built for advertising products, services, events or jobs. There are some of these classified ads websites which are paid but several of them are free of charge. Make use of these to promote your business at no cost at all. Some of the very popular ones in Ghana that you can use include;

Note if you are a student or your customers or audience are students, then your number one choice will have to be GhstudentWallet.



The most powerful means of advertisement which has stood the test of time is “word of mouth advertising”. This refers to you talking to people about your product and being able to convince them to buy your products or use your services. One major way to keep your business running successfully is to ensure effective word of mouth marketing or advertising. It shouldn’t be only you alone or just your team members alone, your customers as well should carry the word around for you. With this snowballing effect, chains of people will get to know about your product, or services with little effort of yours at no cost at all.


For word of mouth to be effective, there are some basic practices you need to ensure. The first being product quality and the second being customer satisfaction. As the adage goes “Quality products, sell themselves”, if you produce quality product or your services are of utmost quality then people will chase after it. Customer satisfaction is very important because people will only share something they care about (don’t forget that, that is why we keep saying sharing is caring). There is a popular saying that goes; “A man may forget what you said to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. Once you treat your customers well, they build up good emotions for your business, products or services and this makes them care about it and telling people about it becomes just their second nature.



This is one product of Google which is free of charge and a powerful means of advertising to as many audiences as possible. Once you set up an account on Google business, people can easily locate you. Your business profile created on Google business will appear anytime people search for your business or businesses like yours on Google search or Maps. So, if you do not own your own website, then Google business is your best choice since it is free. The only set back is that you need to have a place of work (as in a location) where you have a sign board displayed for people to easily locate you.

I hope you will start now to advertise your business, because it is the number one way to scale it up. Mind you, you don’t need much or any money at all to start. Once again, if you want to advertise to students on various campuses in Ghana for free, then sign up here.