Why GhstudentWallet and Why I’m so excited about the Launch of our platform?


Being a passionate young man with the zeal to win in all endeavors of my life, it isn’t strange that I find myself in the entrepreneurial journey. Now more than ever I am always looking for ways to better my experiences to become a better entrepreneur. With a dream of wanting to become a serial entrepreneur I got an inspiration from a book I remember reading just last year; written by Bill Murphy with the tittle ‘The Intelligent Entrepreneur’. (The Intelligent Entrepreneur by Bill Murphy).

Although entrepreneurship or the word entrepreneur is now one of the common household words people use to mean several things (I once heard someone say, it’s just a fancy term to tell people that you don’t know exactly what you do… hilarious huh?). This aspect of the business or work world has not well evolved in Ghana, and as at the time of writing this post, several related challenges have been encountered which I can’t fully establish in writing now since it may take a whole book to elucidate them. (I promise to write on some of them in my latter posts).

As a student, I have seen several colleagues making strides in the field but the most difficult challenge that plaques them is their inability to fully market themselves to the right audience in the right way and at the right time. Once in school a number of students start their own businesses but because of this setback, it doesn’t lead them anywhere and this is becoming routine and hence requires that something must be done about it to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship and the zeal to start businesses ablaze. This is one sure way to ensure that the people in Ghana are motivated to dive into the field of entrepreneurship.

The GhstudentWallet team thought of this and introduced this platform to serve as a solution to the lack of marketing ability and difficulties faced by students advertising their products or services. The mission of the platform is to take the hustle out of student entrepreneurship and advertisement. Being a student and an entrepreneur at the same time poses several challenges including time constraints (we have an article on 5 common challenges student entrepreneurs face… coming soon). The role GhstudentWallet plays here is that; once you have a product or service or an event to organize, just sign up unto the platform, upload your information, product, service or event details and the team will take it from there, making sure that your adverts get to the right audience at the right time. GhstudentWallet engages customers through various channels including our platforms; social media and the use of bulk SMS services. No more hustling to get people to buy your products, use your service or attend your event, we will take care of that for you and hence our tagline; Do Less, Get More.

Why won’t I be excited about this platform? For some years now, I have been into the Designing and printing business myself and it hasn’t been easy trying to get people to know about what I do. Combining my 5 – 8 lecture schedules with the challenging act of trying to market my business to people, has been a pain I have endured for sometime now but I won’t wish any one else to go through similar experiences. Thus, I see a light at the end of the tunnel for students who find themselves in similar circumstances. Just do a good work, nice product and organize an enticing event and GhstudentWallet will do the advertisement for you.

That is not the only reason why I am happy about the launch of our platform, another major reason is the duty of free brand development for student entrepreneurs. Wow! I will exclaim again, wow! How on earth is this possible? It is because we have a vision to improve student entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general in Ghana looking at the fact that once a student has been able to build a successful business in school, there is about 90% chance that they will continue after school and may even build more businesses. This goes a long way to curb the unemployment canker plaguing our nation and African continent for ages now. As a student entrepreneur, one thing that I usually look out for in order to work with others is how established is their brand; their website, social media presence, logo and many more. So, it is very important for every business to establish themselves with some of these basic elements of branding. GhstudentWallet therefore provides free website design and graphic design services for our cherished community members.

Our platform also serves as an avenue for learning about starting, or managing a business with the provision of free consultation on things pertaining to these. Once you make up your mind to run a business, we give you a hand in almost everything you do to ensure that you come out with a successful business. In line with this, we also run a YouTube channel where we present various videos to help in your growth as entrepreneurs with shows like our “The Startup Journey Show”, you get to learn about how some student entrepreneurs are making it, how they started and some of the challenges they had to overcome.

There’s never been a time in the history of Ghana where the act of starting and running a business has been made this easy even for students. This is the best time to give that idea of yours a second thought and roll it out and those who have already started, it’s time to scale it with the help of GhstudentWallet. If you are as passionate about entrepreneurship as I am, or fall into the category of student entrepreneurship, or event organizers then quickly sign up with GhstudentWallet and explore it for yourself.

Welcome to GhstudentWallet