A lot of people in our generation today have been day dreaming on how their conceived business idea can become a reality. The world has seen a lot of most successful business men today, but and it will be of great importance to know their genesis. Most have justified that their beginning was ‘nothing to write home about’ because of the much constraint they faced. The constraint could have been the capital, business plan, how to start, the setbacks and discouragement; however with discernment they were able to sail through. The How is what matters to us the most.

Some may quiz what at all is business? A business is an activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects or the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.

The cost involved in setting up a business in Ghana, to be precise, is another canker on its own. It has been generally perceived that, for you to be able to set up a business you’ve got to have a huge capital. Many scholars have raise objections against this perception whiles others have also argued their way through making it a benchmark. Money, as a necessary evil in our lives today, at some point loses it argument for being the constituent needed at all cost with respect to setting up a business.

A conceived business idea in the cupboard is still a dream and fades out as time passes. Most business men with ideas have failed because at the early stages of their conception they were made to believe that without money it (the ideas) won’t work.

I want to challenge you that it’s one hundred percent possible to start a business without money. As funny as this challenge may seem to some people, those who have excelled took the following point necessary;

  • Identify your passion
  • Get a simple plan (You don’t need a perfect plan)
  • Prioritize and reduce your expenditure
  • Do it alone but get committed friends on board
  • Practice Synergy and be careful of partnership
  • Take of advantage of your community (look deep around)

Above all, the key points listed above, indicate that one can never be skipped because it is the major antidote to start a business without money. In a nut shell I say, seek ye first point number one and all the other points will be added unto you.

Never say never because of money, though necessary it can’t hinder your dream. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Thank you!