Student entrepreneurship is a thing of the day. Every student is now being encouraged to start their own business, but the question we should ask ourselves is that; is it every student who can manage a business and combine it with academics and still manage to succeed in both?In this article, I write on some few things every student should know before venturing entrepreneurship whiles still a student.

  1. Loneliness:

    The entrepreneurship journey is a lonely one. Right from nurturing the idea and even to the point of scaling the business can be daunting to the extent that no other person wants to be involved in, but your business comes to you as your baby and hence you do everything to save it. Note that in as much as it’s difficult to get people who will also be with you in this journey, you still need to surround yourself with people who truly believe in you. Do your best to win their trust and build a strong team who will eventually believe in your vision and not leave you lonely


  2. Time restraints:

    Everyone has only 24hours at their disposal, irrespective of their position or occupation. Being a student, having classes to attend, assignments to work on, examinations to prepare for and many more, robs you of time most of the times. Combining this with the act of running a business will take away the very little that you had to spare.

  3. Passion to keep on:

    Just as the first point illustrated, the hustle associated with running a business can be so daunting that only few people are able to withstand. One thing which is common amongst the few that survive this is that they have passion for what they do. Passion is what keeps them pushing on even when the way forward looks very blurry and at the end of the day they are the ones who usually succeed in business. Therefore before you start a business make sure you have passion for or do develop some passion for what you do.

  4. Your friends

    They may be your first customers, do not despise that fact. Let them know about your business, products or services because they may end up buying or using your services. Moreso, they may recommend you to other people they know.

I’m of the hope that this post has enlightened you and you have taken a seed from this. Do well to consider the above listed points before starting your own business whiles in school.