Have you ever imagined how some people are able to come up with innovative or creative ideas or solutions to certain problems? Creativity is a skill that some people possess naturally but others can learn and pick it up easily.

As a young entrepreneur, creativity is a skill that you require to become successful at whatever you decide to do in life. This is because your ability to solve problems is what will make you a successful entrepreneur. This is directly linked to your creative abilities. It is therefore, necessary to train yourself to become creative.

The purpose of this post is to introduce to you to two qualities that can make you naturally creative.

These qualities are qualities that may be inherent but if not, you can still build it up just like any other habit. It may take you a while to build them but once you are determined to, you can definitely attain it.

Consistency with these qualities is what will do the magic. You don’t have to be a genius to be creative. However, you need to be consistent with these qualities to be creative.

They are;

Curiosity (Asking good questions)

One characteristic that all creatives possess is curiosity. So, if you want to become one then you have to start acting as one. Curiosity may have its own limits and disadvantages but you can always have the better part of it.


The kind of curiosity that leads to innovation or creativity begins with asking good questions. There are different kinds of questions that I can ask and curiosity entails all sort of questions.

It is not all the questions that you ask that people may have answers for you. Where there are answers, you still need to probe further till there are no more answers. At other times too, the questions that you ask may have no answers.

If people around you cannot give you answers to the questions you ask, then try and find possible answers within you. “What do you think is the reason why this thing is that way” kind of thinking.

Embrace yourself to ask relevant questions especially in situations where you feel more can be done. In my own opinion, there are two forms of creativity.

There is one form where, the thing already exists, so you find its shortcoming and make provisions for it by coming up with a modified product. The other form is when you ask questions and you find out that there is nothing like what you are thinking about and you decide to come up with your own product to solve that particular problem.

So, go ahead and ask all the questions you can (ask “why, what, what if, how, when, and where” of everything at everywhere you find yourself).

Imaginative (Finding solutions to problems around you)

Being imaginative is one key quality of every innovator that the earth has seem so far. If you want to be counted as one of these people, then you have to be imaginative as well.

The question therefore becomes, how do I become imaginative? Imaginations entails a lot, but in my own small way, I will say it’s about you sparing time to think about something else that can be done about a current situation.

So, in simple terms, it’s about you trying to find solutions to problems around you. Here too, there are two ways to go about it.

First go around looking for all the problems that you can find in the niche that you’re comfortable with. Once you have identified the problems, brood over them and come up with possible solutions.

Some of the solutions you may get may be lame but don’t despite any of them that you come up with. Once, they can be implemented to solve the problem then you are good to go.

Secondly, you can think or imagine what possible problems that may present in the near future and start looking for solutions to them. So that by the time, the problem comes up, there will be a solution awaiting it. Besides, if possible, your solution should curb the problem even before it happens.

Usually, the people who foresee and make provisions for such problems are the ones that are easily recognized as innovators. So, think more and execute as well.


In effect, if you weren’t born naturally curious or imaginative, you can still learn by practicing regularly.

Since I mentioned that these qualities are habits that needs to be built over time, know that doing it once won’t make you creative. You have to invest your time and energy into it. Start doing and little by little you will be up to it and start coming up with your own innovations.