Entrepreneurship, currently is one of the major force driving every countries economy. Most of the world’s successful people are entrepreneurs. A country that forsake it entrepreneurs are doomed with economic crisis and always left in limbo. Every buoyant economy in the world produces thousands of entrepreneurs every year. Ghana as a country cannot be left out, though despite it shortfalls in the area of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are people who choose to run their own business rather than work as employees. Entrepreneurs create business from the scratch with all the risk and rewards it implies. What an entrepreneur fundamentally does is identify a need and fill it. Entrepreneurs dream and make dreams come true. It is my personal conviction that entrepreneurship cannot be learned or taught. It is either an inner quality or something that’s totally foreign to you. Entrepreneurship is not a job or a hobby, it is a lifestyle and a state of mind.

Entrepreneurs possess unique qualities such as: business focused, confidence, determination, independent, knowledge seeker, promoter, risk taker, delegator and relationship builders.

As the world evolves, a lot of changes are happening, the current trend now drives towards entrepreneurship. To be become an excellent and successful student you must think like the entrepreneur. Others may raise objections and think otherwise, but where can I find an excellent student who is not confident, independent, knowledge seeker, risk taker, promoter, focused, delegator and a team builder.

The basic fact is everyone in this world is born an entrepreneur, but until that is realized you will just be marking time. Your talent and skill is the first reason why you should be an entrepreneur. God in his own wisdom endowed every human with a unique skill and talent.

Notwithstanding, there has been a lot of arguments whether or not it is appropriate for students to become entrepreneurs. As difficult as it may be to others, it is the best way to go if you thirst and hunger for success. Why?

Entrepreneurship is an activity that cannot only enhance student’s success academically, but strengthen confidence to success upon graduation. “starting young is good, you can either learn through failures, like I did or you can learn by been successful” (Sir Richard Branson).

Students entrepreneurs gain hands-on experience aside their education, grow their personal networks and have no choice but to become more diligent with their study time. Entrepreneurship inspires you to learn outside your primary interest.

Been a student entrepreneur sharpens your skills, gives you financial stability, makes you independent, confident and gives you mastery over your field of study and other sectors.

In a world, that is increasingly interdisciplinary, solutions to seemingly intractable problems will be solved by bringing together business, government and charities. Traditionally becoming an entrepreneur has been viewed as risky endeavor. Students with the ability to think across disciplines and sectors prepare themselves for long term success.