There are lots of ways to make money in this 21st century. Ensuring that you’re using a legitimate means to make the money is very important. One of the ways to achieve this is to start your own side-hustle while in school. Read on to find out what a side-hustle actually is and what benefits you’re likely to get from starting one.

What is the best definition of a side hustle?

A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job. Side hustles are often built around the passion of an individual. (Read more here)

As a student, your full-time job is your academics. So in this context, a side hustle is a job or activity you undertake to generate some income outside your academic work.

Have you noticed how the number of people starting their own side hustles in are gradually increasing? Currently, all over the world, it is becoming trendy among students especially those in tertiary institutions.

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What at all is fueling this spark of interest you ask?

In this post, I share with you based on my own experiences and some other researches that I have conducted, why side hustles are more important than you could have ever imagined. If you are interested in starting a side-hustle as a student, you can as well check this previous post of ours on “businesses students in Ghana can start“.

Now let’s proceed with our discussion;

  1. Side hustle turns Mainstream business

The first one that I want to discuss is that most of the time, a side-hustle tends to become a mainstream business after school.

I know quite a number of people, and I have also read about some others who started their side hustle whilst in school and on completion, they either couldn’t get employment and so when on to turn their side hustles into their mainstream businesses or they realized how much they were making from their side hustles and didn’t feel like looking for another job hence stuck to their side hustle as their mainstream business.

  1. Experience

Starting your own side hustle exposes you to the business world. You learn the nitty-gritty of doing business by hands-on practice.

This is even better than just reading or learning about how to run businesses from books. You get some experience trying to sell your product or services to people. You may go through difficult times trying to get people to buy or use your product/service. However, this is what prepares you adequately for the business world out there.

The challenges you face and try to overcome, trains you to become better at what you are doing and eventually you are able to carry on this experience to your after school life.

Starting your own side hustle exposes you to the business world. You learn the nitty-gritty of doing business by hands-on practice.Click To Tweet

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  1. Exposure

Do you know or have you by chance heard of anyone on your campus who is just popular for the business or side hustle he/she runs on campus? There are several of these people on almost every campus.

Once you’re are running a side hustle on campus, you are sure to interact with people about your business. Obviously, your colleagues on campus will be your customers and hence you expose your business to them. If you are able to market yourself well, you introduce your side hustle to a larger set of customers and potential customers in the future.

Always remember that the same people you’re meeting now on campus will be the same people running the country or taking decisions in organizations who may require your services in the near future.

If you are able to attract them now or they get to know you now, they are more likely to buy from you or use your product in the future.

This is there simple truth that I always say; you’re likely to buy from someone you already know than from someone you just met.


  1. Satisfaction

The feeling of having succeeded at doing something outside your academic work is very overwhelming. You feel very satisfied with whatever you do and people also tend to hail you for who you are. At the end of the day, you have some form of joy that can hardly be expressed even in words.

Deep within you, you feel accomplished and this boosts your morale about every other thing. The truth of the matter is, sometimes, you probably aren’t doing well with your academics and everyone expects you to be downhearted like all the other people but you aren’t because outside the world of academics there is some success that you’re chalking.

This is like playing two games; winning at basketball and losing at football. At the end of the day, if the one you’re winning at is going to fetch you some money and dignity you aren’t so much bothered about the other.

This is where I agree with those who assert that one should focus more on their strengths and make them stronger than any other thing. Academic success is not a thing for everyone just as running a business or side hustle successfully is also not a thing for everyone.

Academic success is not a thing for everyone just as running a business or side hustle successfully is also not a thing for everyone.Click To Tweet


  1. Source of Income

The inspiration to start a side hustle may differ for each and everyone and are very varied in nature. One of the most important inspirations for starting a side hustle as a student is not having or getting enough financial support.

Studying, in itself alone is a difficult thing to do. Coupled with financial challenges, it makes the burden unbearable. Thus most students start their side hustles in other to generate some income to help them sustain themselves whilst in school.

Personally, I started my side hustle in school not necessary because my family wasn’t willing to give me money but because I don’t like the feeling that I had to ask them for money for every little thing I needed to have.

I, therefore, took a bold decision to start my own side hustle and at the end of the day it really paid off. The income stream was quite steady and I could survive on that for as long as no help was coming in from the family.

So, know that depending on the kind of side hustle you start, you can make quite some handsome sum of money to survive all other hardships in a school associated with the lack of finances.


Watch the video below to get some ideas on what you can take on as your side-hustle in school by LavishRuby


In conclusion: If you’re are still thinking twice about starting a side hustle in school or you are already running one, my words of encouragement to you are that; Go ahead and start it or continue to run this side hustle because the benefits are enormous. I couldn’t capture all the benefits in this post but I hope these 5 listed here are strong enough to convince you to stay in the league.

I wish you the best in your side hustle. Enjoy your life in school.


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