Starting a business at a young age is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life.

Do you think you’re too young to start a business or a side hustle at your age? The question shouldn’t be “why should I start a business at this age?”, it should rather be “why shouldn’t I start one now?”.

Well, in this post I discuss the main reasons why starting a business or side hustle at a younger age is one of the best decisions you’ll ever take in your life.

A number of young people who started their own business usually while in school have made a huge success in life and have become celebrated icons to many of us. Can we attribute their huge successes to sheer luck?

Or is there something peculiar about these young people who have managed to become successful with their businesses? If there is, won’t you want to know?

I bet you would like to know how these young people were able to make it in life. If there is a blueprint they followed, you may be eager to know and follow suit in order to achieve success. Who doesn’t want success in life?

The fact is, once you make the decision to start at a younger age, you’re more likely to succeed in the long round and that is what has been observed with these successful people who started their businesses at a younger age.

Below is a list of the benefits that you tend to enjoy when you start a business at a young age;

Benefits to be discussed in this post
  1. You learn quickly when you’re young
  2. You have a high tendency to bounce back after failure
  3. You’re highly enthusiastic about most things
  4. You’re able to match up with advancement in technology
  5. You have fewer commitments like family, loans, bills, etc
  6. You get to build more experience


Your ability to learn quickly when you’re young

As you may have observed over time by now, the learning curve for everything is very steep when you’re young and declines drastically as you age. This is probably due to the continuous loss of concentration or the infiltration of lots of other responsibilities as you grow.

When you are young, you’re aren’t afraid or shy of anyone or anything. Like a 3year old child will is learning to talk. He makes mistakes, people laugh at him but he never gets discouraged and keeps trying until he gets it perfectly. You may argue that such is so because the three-year child doesn’t really understand what is going on. Even when people are laughing at him, he won’t know what that is.

That is true anyway, however, the point is that they keep learning and improving. That attitude of ours, continuous learning despite failures stays with us for a while then everything gets distorted. Our focus now shifts from just learning to get results. With the sole focus on getting results comes frustrations when we underachieve.
This goes to tell you that your ability to learn things easily will not stay with you forever. A time will come when you won’t take learning easily. You will struggle to even learn a thing or two.

In managing or running your own business, one character that is required is your ability to learn fast. This is an advantage for people who start their business at a younger age.
Once you make a decision to start your business at a younger age, you gain this competitive advantage over all the other old people who are now starting their own businesses. You have the speed to learn as your advantage, so make the choice and start your business now.

Note: Your ability to learn quickly won’t last forever

However, age they say is just a number. Someone is very old but has the mindset of a young person and can deliver equal results. In the vein, don’t consider it to be too late to start your own business if you’re kind of grown in terms of age. Once you can have the youthful mindset and be ready to learn fast, you’re sure to start treading on a competitive edge.

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Furthermore, there are some young people who have an aged mentality. They have already given in to regrets and are not willing to continue learning to become better because they feel they can’t be any better. If you find yourself within this category of people then you’re unlikely to build a successful business. Change your mindset and be ready to learn fast if you want to succeed in business.

Irrespective of your age, once you make up your mind to start a business, you should be ready to learn and not just learn but to learn fast.

You have a high tendency to bounce back after failure

Failures in business especially when you’re in the start-up phase can be very disheartening. Failure as such level is the cause of lots of depression among entrepreneurs. This is usually because start-ups are mostly cost or labor-intensive and hence comes with lots of regrets when they do not work out.
The advantage you will have for starting your own business at a younger age is that you have the tendency to bounce back easily after any failure.

Most aged do not tend to easily bounce back because they feel short of time. Thinking about the short time they have left on earth and wondering whether is worth it burying themselves into another start-up entity that may not see the light of day or end up failing in their early years. Shouldn’t they spend that time or something more worthwhile like enjoying their time with family and friends?

The younger ones like yourself, on the other hand, have this as an advantage because they still have more time to live on earth and are ready to spare some or invest some in a start-up which they dream of to be the next big thing in the world.

Your ability to bounce back after a failure also declines as you age and hence you should take advantage of it and start your business now or any time soon.

You’re highly enthusiastic about most things

Another advantage that the youth have when it comes to building successful businesses is that they’re highly enthusiastic about a lot of things.
In fact, they have a combination of knowledge, zeal, and energy. This is the most important combination required for success in any business.

If you’re young then you tend to be more optimistic about things and exert more energy to get things done. You have so much exuberance when it comes to doing things that may change the world.
It is almost every young person’s dream that they will produce something that will change their life. Does this describe you?

Note: Your enthusiasm gives you a competitive advantage

Well, I want to inform you that your enthusiasm is an advantage and the earlier you begin to see it like that and utilize it as such the better for you. You also have more energy, you’re livelier, have lots of knowledge and your willingness to learn is also high. All these go a long way to give you a huge advantage. Think about these and make the decision to start young, because they don’t want to regret this when you grow old.

You’re able to match up with advancement in technology
Day in and day out, new technologies are being churned out. These technologies are usually to make life more convenient, simplify cumbersome processes and save us a ton of time. Unfortunately, not everyone is used to these emerging technologies. You and I can testify that most of these technologies are a delight for the youth whereas they’ve become a burden for the aged.

Hence, once you start your business at a younger age, you’re able to incorporate these new technologies into the business, which helps you remove certain setbacks that are associated with the traditional way of starting or managing a business.

Also, because of your enthusiasm and your ability to learn fast, you’re able to understand how to use new technologies without much waste of time. Unlike the aged who can take years to learn a thing or make up excuses as to why they can’t be using these technologies, you will be making strides in your business endeavor.

You have fewer commitments like family, loans, bills, etc

As you grow up in life, your responsibility increases. No wonder they say, to whom much is given much is expected. Life is presenting you with lots of opportunities and hence, it also accords you with lots of responsibilities.
Commitments such as family, loans, utility bills, etc. become a burden as you grow up and they tend to increase in intensity.

When you’re young, you don’t have these kinds of commitments or you have less of them and thus you have enough time and peace of mind. This is, therefore, an advantage to you and you should see it as such. This won’t be so forever, so if you don’t take care of this advantage now, a time will come it will be lost and it will be very difficult for you focus on the business you start with the same attention span that you would have used in case you started earlier.

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You have the advantage of building more experience

In life, the more experienced you are at a particular thing, the more successful you become at it. Starting a business at a younger age comes with the advantage of letting you build experience over time.
Experience can only be built through practice. If you don’t get to build your experience now, which other time will you use to gain experience?

Your ability to learn fast, your enthusiasm and the luxury of time you have at your disposal as a young person is what will help you build a host of experiences.

Once you build a business at a younger age, you will learn from the mistakes that you make. You will also get to know whether being an entrepreneur is a thing for you or you will prefer to work in a corporate environment as an employee. In both cases, the experience you build over time trying to build a business will be useful.
It is therefore never a waste of time to start a business at a younger age.



So basically, all I have been trying to do is in this post is to convince you of the fact that there is no better time to start your business than now, that you’re young, energetic, enthusiastic and ready to learn fast.

Thus, make the decision now, build a business and do not waste any more time. As they say, time and tides won’t wait for you. Now you are in your elements but a time is coming when you won’t be this strong, your life may be filled with regrets and not have the zeal to build a business. If you ever want to build a business, go for it now, gain the experience and grow into a successful business guru.

I wish you all the best as you endeavor to start a business at this young age and I pray that you succeed in it.
Are there any other advantages that you feel I left out? Kindly comment below for others to know as well.