You Say Weytin

You Say Weytin Series

Let the world hear your voice

This series is brought to you by the GhstudentWallet crew. This is one of the many ways we have chosen to bring awareness to the Ghanaian youths about pertinent things in the business world.

As part of this series, we will be addressing pertinent issues in relation to our central themes (Entrepreneurship, Finances, Investments, Marketing and the likes).

  1. To bring awareness on pertinent issues
  2. To let the youths also voice out their concerns and let their voices be heard
  3. To share experiences in order to motivate others on similar paths

For now, this series will be a blog series but we have plans to switch to a video series or a podcast whichever will be most convenient.

So for instance, we take a topic and throw the topic to the general public. We collect opinions of people who care to give their thoughts on the topic. We then put these opinions into a blog post, critically appraise the opinions that people share and constructively criticize as and when necessary.

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