Africa is blessed with so many things and recently, a lot of innovators are springing up from all over the continent to help solve pertinent issues in Africa.

The young engineer, Samuel Oteke revealed his innovations through facebook, sharing pictures of some of the things he had made.

Samuel Oteke went on to explain that most of his innovations are popularly used in the movie industry. As a film-maker himself, he wanted to build gadgets which will be useful to African film-makers who are unable to afford high-end equipment for their movies.

He builds camera sliders, dollies, robotics using high-end manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

“I designed a motion control systems for cinematography and film making. This system could control the pan and tilt movement of a camera with a joystick handheld unit wirelessly.”

“I also designed a slide function adapter for the unit to control the sliding motion. All of these are achieved with dc and Stepper motors, micro controllers (arduino) and h bridges,” Samuel posted on his facebook account.

The young man explained that he would like to use his platform to let young people know that technology goes beyond laptops and mobile apps.